James Sears Address and Vehicle Info


James Sears

AKA Dimitri the Lover, Dimitrious Sarafopoulos

Address: 6 Kew Beach Ave, Toronto ON M4L1B7

6 kew beach ave

Vehicle Info: Dark Lincon MKZ, Licence # BLHR 123


James Sears┬áhas a long history of sexually assaulting and sexually harassing women, and has recently turned to Neo-Nazism in his role as an editor of a junkmail newspaper in the east end of Toronto. He’s also a perennial fringe political candidate in various elections.

There have been numerous reports of James Sears sexually harassing women in and around the Beaches area in the past few months. He also recently appeared on an internet radio show with American Neo-Nazi Kyle Hunt. Sears is a self admitted racist who promotes conspiracy theories that include blaming Jewish people for 9-11, and denying the holocaust. He also uses his twitter account to promote Hitler and encourage his fellow pick up artists to rape women.

Before becoming editor of a Neo-Nazi hate rag, Sears was a professional pick up artist (PUA), basically the scum of the earth making a living out of sexual harassment. He’s also been known to do legal consulting for medical insurance related issues.

James seems to think he can sexually harass people and promote all kinds of racist Nazi bullshit with little consequence like it’s some kind of joke. So here’s his home address and some personal info for anyone who’s interested.